Broken Time

  I Think my Time is Broken, Wingless.

Breathless, Exhausted


Overflown, Overwhelmed.


Washed Away.

My Time is Broken and as I curl up, wrap my arms around myself, there is Nothing whole, nothing solid. It is weeping sensations of pain; unholy corners of something I have never known. A Fear. A Restlessness. A prayer to be relieved of my Sadness. There are rays of Sun shining through the small pieces of lost causes, my Light and Purpose.. Rains bleeding like water through the glass. I have done Everything. Sacrificed in True Depth of my Totality, out of Will. I have walked away out of Loyalty to the Trust I Place in People. I have Stopped out of Trust in my Ability to Rise. I have Listened out of Love. And I have Loved, and Lost and Believed. Today, I found my Time Broken..

...and Crushed.

There are walls of Love and Dreams, ever weaving the Patterns of Possibilities. And a River of Drowning Hope of there being any Probability any of this ever being Healed. Regrets haunt my Senses and there is No Time to say all I want to say. I am Stronger than most people I know, yet strength has No place in a Time lost and frightened. The What If's are annihilating.

I'm shattered all over my Mind, and as soon as I touch any piece to mend, it overwhelms and I bleed; it screams and I cry; It shivers and I break further. When I lay to rest, it awakes me trembling, suffocating.. Haunting words threatening to wipe out Memories I hold so dear, as if they Never happened. As if what was said and done, was done so through faces and paces and phases; of Time, and Emotion, and Intent. My Eyes are so tired of Watching my world fall apart. No safe Shores harbor any Emotion anymore - I am not Safe, anymore. No Known Waters are sustaining my roots anymore. I'm not Alive, anymore.

..Breathe, please.. Fill me with Breath and Will Power..
Resurrection of my Purpose. I Resurrect out of Love.
Time and Time again, Broken or Not..

Just not Yet.

Such an Infidelity of my Safety, my Love.
Such a Maliciousness to my Innocense.
Such a robbery of my Senses.

I am left Wingless. There is Nothing carrying a Broken Forever.

Don't Touch me in this Moment, because I can't hold the Pain of being Touched and Moved.. and Left. Don't Look at me in this Moment, because I can't stand my pain, my Reflection, my Mirror. Don't Speak to me. Don't speak words that will cause me to Rise.. and Fall..

Don't say there is Amazement in a Heart meant to be Broken.

Don't Lie.
Just Love.

SkyeCebh SkyeCebh
36-40, F
Aug 2, 2010