I Need You....

I need you everyday, somedays more than others but I always need the comfort of knowing you are there.

Hearing your calming, soothing voice...no matter what the situation you are there for me. Sometimes I shut you out because I get hurt and keep my feelings inside. And yes you do fuss at me not to do this but I do, because I am a little stubborn :).

I can't think of many times that I have reached out for you and you werent there, only one time comes to mind but that's in the past and you are aware of my thoughts.

You make me smile, make me laugh, shower me with 'I adore you's', listen to me, comfort me, love me, hold me, encourage me and so many more things.

I need you in my life ....everyday!


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16 Responses Jul 5, 2009

Umm that reminds me I have a glitter story for ya.. I already told Bluebie! XOXO

((glitter lots of glitter))

Thanks FG :) <br />
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I loved re-reading this story...

I will give a hallelujah to these comments.

Yes it sure is Bluebie and you have always been there for me! It is much appreciated.. love ya glitter girl :)

Amen to that :)

It's nice to have people you can rely on to be there for you no matter what. :)

Aww thanks my wonderful HippieS :) <br />
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Big hugs to you to SeXy !!!

This was beautiful! :-)<br />
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Thanks for sharing this, Snowbunny!<br />
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*BIG warm hugs*

Me too Bassy :) <br />
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Giving and receiving -it's an important part of my life

I like hugs :)

(((BIG HUGS))) Bassy

You make me smile too :) :) :) :)<br />
Mums the word....shhhhhhhhhh

Hey Bassy- you always make me smile.. um yea I freely admit it.. I am pretty stubborn but shhh not everyone knows- LOL

A stubborn Southern girl? Say it ain't so! :p

zultfrog- Thank you so much for your comment. I always love writing here, whether the people I write for and about see it or not. Sometimes I write about people in my real life that aren't here on EP. In this case, I am pretty sure it was never seen.