Okey dokey.... Haven't posted in a long time but I will report that I'm done! Only two and a half months later all adjustments are complete and I'm on day five without a bit of soreness. This would conclude the adjustment phase of this experience.

Tak'in all bets!!! I'm open to any ideas or challenges anyone might have. The keys are in a timed safe at the moment which opens Friday while I'm at work. Until then I'm locked up tight! If anyone can think of any shenanigans in the meantime feel free to throw them out there :)
AbsintheMinded08 AbsintheMinded08
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Go to the bar and slow dance with a women better yet pick her up buy her drinks then try to say good night

Lol, nice. Now I just have to find a bar that has dancing. Not a lot of them in my area.

Mine either anymore