The Time Has Come.

I'm one of those people who are always playing it cool. Never really caring about anything and never really putting any effort into anything because I never cared enough to. I've dropped all my goals for school and dropped out of highschool. Dropped my goals for a boyfriend and dating someone I love but was not necessarily what I wanted. Never really cared about my appearance much because I was naturally curvy with nice hair and a pretty face so that kinda got me by. I've never really been fat, at my largest I was 136 lbs. I'm 5'2 so that's kinda chunky. I lost that weight and vowed never to return, which is dangerously close to where i'm approaching now. I'm now setting a goal to loose 20 pounds by july using whatever means necessary. To add insult to injury i'm a very lazy person who hates working out, hates being in public, and has no self control. Oh i should also add i smoke a lot of weed which also makes the wanting to eat thing worse. Here I am today writing this down with the hopes that this attempt at losing weight will be different. My current plan is to eat only when completely necessary and when i must eat it will be fruits, veggies, smoothies and chicken. I'm cutting out all breads, pastas, junk and fast food ( which i'm addicted to, i loooove cheeseburgers), and all dairy products.

I will also begin walking to and from work 5 days a week which is about 10 mins each way, as well as walking my dog daily which will be another 20-30 mins.

I will be lifting a weight while doing squats daily for 30 mins.

I also plan to do at least 60 sit-ups and leg lifts daily as well.

THIS MUST BE COMPLETED. I would love it if anyone reading could join me or offer tips. I will try to remember to write here daily as this should also remind me to complete the workout. If this is done by july I will still get to enjoy a good 2 months of warm summer days and will post pics! lol wish me luck

Ok so here we are at day 1 of my weight loss plan and so far I've only consumed about 200 calories or less and will be doing my healthy shopping today. And after some thought I've decided I will be cutting all liquid calories except for the occasional smoothie. Now as this is day 1 that means I really must begin my workout so here goes. I'll be walking the dog today for about half and hour and will also be doing 60 sit ups and leg lifts. After a few stretches of course. I will also be lifting my weight today to work my arms. Alright here goes.
Anitablunt Anitablunt
18-21, F
May 4, 2012