But Am Glad I Was

" I never asked to be born", in a fit of anger I said this to my parents. It was said after I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. I was 23, i was sick, I was frustrated. Their response was, " we did not ask for you to be born either". I remember being shocked at this response. I was shocked with the bluntness of their response. They knew I was frustrated and scared. It was never discussed again. In reality I am glad I am here. I have not had the life I dreamed about in my youth but I love the way things turned out. I know my parents never regretted my birth.
You see in January of the year I was born my mom lost her mom after a long illness, then 7 days later her dad died. 7 months later I am born. I changed the mood of the family. I was a blessing. All children are blessings!
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i don't think anyone asked to be born as you need to be born in the first place to ask anything anyway , and then talk a few years later , and then be told to shut up because you just won't stop . aaaww , i just read the last part of your story , that's sweet , as for a purpose , i still don't know what mine is and i'm 54 now . all i know is it's hell at times and heaven in others , overall life sucks without money , well that's what i learned , i know not helpful at all , oh well , i hope your life's better . well bye

sounds good also thanks