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t is about time all the life is a gift life is precious people heard this NONE OF US ASKED TO BE PUT HERE so for the love of human decency the next time someone looks at you and says they want to die stop trying to sell them on the life is precious bullshit not when they didn't get a vote on their existence, not when they didn't get  vote on their early life that shaped who they are and we all know that even if you make all the "right" choices there's still a thing called bad luck some of us know all too well.

No one asked to be born on poverty on the wrong side of the tracks or to wealth and privilege they do not want no one asked to be born to the lunatic the drug addict the drunk the violent or the simply mean no one asks to be an outcast in their world too many just are  

The next time someone looks at you and says they wish they were dead and you are tempted to dole out some **** about how life is a gift you might well remind yourself what that gift really is, neglectful parents too often, abusive even, you may want to dismiss the distant and clueless ones but they are no less lethal try being a kid going to school being bullied for being to smart, having a disability or perhaps the target of authority figures themselves and assuming you survive which ever one of those applies 

Next its the college of promise or should i say of broken promises or the world of grueling work and never getting ahead either way your drems go up in smoke all the things you thought you would have forget it add in the people who hate you the love ones who dies on you the boy friends and girlfriends that decide they don't want you the people who screw you over the people who lie to you and life is nothing more than something to be survived until death and that DEATH is a relief 



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I feel the same way. Parents get married and have children because they don't want to be alone. Most people are scared of loneliness. And their children want their own children because they don't want to be alone, either. This goes on and on and on... Some parents don't even take care of their children.

As far as I'm concerned, life has no ultimate meaning. Whatever I do or whatever anyone does won't mean a thing in 100 years. Even Presidents are forgotten even though they become President to leave their name in history. We are all replaceable, that's the sad fact.

When we die, some people may cry, but they, too, will die sooner or later. Even our family won't remember us in 100 years. And they will die and be forgotten, too.

As long as we are happy, life is OK. But that's not the case all the time or for everyone. There are so many problems in society, racial discrimination, diseases, wars, violence, hate, conflicts, birth defects, misunderstandings, heavy taxes to pay, accidents, crimes .... Of course, some people will talk about God or life's precicousness. It's because most of us don't want to accept that it's all for nothing in the end.

In Brazil, a soccer judge and a player had a fight last Sunday. The judge killed the player with a knife. Fans got mad and lynched and mutilated the judge. Both the judge and player were young men. What was God doing for them?

Man invented God to give some meaning to life even if it's a lie.

Well i certainly feel the same way since i never met the right good woman to settle down with to have a family which i really wanted to have so much just like so many others that were Very Blessed by God to have that Gift of life. Many of us Good men were Never that Blessed since many of us really hate being Alone and Single all the time when there is No one to share our life with, which makes it very Unfortunate for us. Didn't God say that man should Never be Alone? And i will certainly agree on that one, and if this was God's intention to Punish us this way which we really should've Never been born to begin with since many of us Good men are Not to Blame for this. Then again with the kind of women that we have out there these days certainly adds to the problem for us men too. The way that i look at it is that many people were just born with a silver spoon in their mouth since many of us Weren't.

listen to this, if we were to believe in a god and life after death and all that. first of all we are born had no say in the matter, live a good life we get to go to the kingdom of god. if we live a bad life we burn in hell. and all this is about keeping this so called god entertained. And to top it all off he puts the devil in the middle of us just to spice things up. And we never asked to be here in the first place. what a pile of old ****.

the is unfortunate truth in that

I blame my parents. I never asked to be born. Let them go to hell both

no one comprehends anyones misery no maatter how small or how big it seems

I can see from the situations u described above ,how one would see life as precious.LiWe MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT LIIVES DAILY, right ,or wrong, its their choice, i dont think we comprehend their misery..


You must be mistaken ,I personally ask that you be here .

all of that may be true for you but not for me