Sexually Frusterated Expecting Mother

Hey whats up. I am writting today to just get some stuff offf my chest. I have been with my man for over a year. he was a dream come true compared to EX boyfriends I have had. I had just broke up with a terriable guy and decided to go out with some friends the night I meet the man I am with now.  We meet at a bar and I went home with him just thinking a one night stand would be fine with me. Well we never seperated after that. Well the next morning after a WONDERFUL night of pasion and great sex I had breakfast made for me and we snuggled the whole weekend. I had him take me home Monday morning before I had to go to work. We began to see more and more of each other and spend endless time on the phone just talking. I was one of the lucky one's to meet him at a bar and go with him for a one night stand and it turned in to a relationship. I am gonna pass all the other minor details up and get to my point. My fiance and I have been through some tring times and we still made it through. We are both July Birthdays and we both have children by other poeple. I had a pretty much new baby in my life at that time and he accepted her like she was his. The new baby now is almost 3 years lod and knows him as daddy. Let me go ahead and tell you I am a white women and he is a black man. The new baby I had was mixed (white and black).  So we ended up moving in together and accually becoming a couple not long after we meet. Before i go on I am gonna let you know more about my knight in shinning armor. He works 7 days a week and takes care of both me and my daughter that is not his. With NO complaints. Well I have went through so trials and tribulations in my relationship since him and I have been together. He occasionally would go out with other guy he knew around town but never come home. So what is a women gonna think! yep the same thing I was thinking. I would be up all night mad, sad, worried, and wondering. The really messed up s^it was he wouldn't even come home the next morning he would go straight to work at 2pm in the afternoon. So my night in shining armor turned kinda sour. After this sh^t began I started thinking about leaving. This man made me fall for him pretty quickly. I had to sit down and evaluate my situation. I was living in a very nice place being taken care of. I also thought about what I would have and were I would go if I left. Well when it comes down to it I stayed. We moved in to a new place by my request so my youngest would have her own room and we would have more space. So he went from paying $300 a month to paying $550 a month rent. I am also gonna say if your a women and you are sleeping with a man who has a girl already it is gonna come out sooner or later. I havenever recieved no odd phone calls nor has anyone brought anything to me. So now my knight in shining armor and I are expecting a baby in July. My problem is the great sex I used to get has went BYE-BYE. I hate that we do not have what we used to. Now I do take in concideration he works some what long hours and 7 days a week. But come on! He don't pull the not coming home any more though. I broke that sh^t. Since i am 5 months pregnant I want some D*CK. When I do get it it does not last as long as it used to and the really fu*ked up part is I don't ******. I have to live with my body being sexually frusterated. I am gonna admit I have tried the porns and they are staring not to work for me. In my head I want to go out and sleep with someone else to sadisfy my body. I have not done it though. I am in a town where I know no one. Plus my body might feel better after wards but my heart and soul would not. I am just stuck. I have no cure for my problem and have to deal with it every day. In a way I want to sadisfy myself but I can not bring myself to do it. If I knew someone I may have already done it but there is no one that I want. My head is screwed. I have been dealing with this issue ever since I became pregnant. What is a women to do. I guess just deal with it and do the best I can. Any advice!!!! I know he is not with anyone else cause I know his work schedule and we only live a block from his job. I am there to pick him up from work randomly and he always comes out of work when he is sapost to. How can a man go from having incrediable s^x very often to not having it at all. I get it maybe 1 a month now when it used to be from everyday to 3-4 times a week. Yea I also know once people settle down things may change. I have said stuff to him about it and he will give me some but then it is not worth doing. What can I do to enhance my s^x life. Now we also have a 2 year old running around and both of us are in bed by 8-9pm at night. Anotheer thing that shakes my bones is he works in a food factory and when he comes home he does not take a shower. Now they are able to take showers at work but I don't see my man doing that. He comes home doesn't take a shower and goes to bed like that some times days at a time. He's not smelling terriable but come on! I have a nice looking black man too. The sh^t that goes on once people get used to each other. Now since he does not come home and get in the shower it prevents me from going down on him or even tring to get some from him period!!!!! I don't know what to do. I have a good man but slight problems I don't like. I don't want to tell him go get in the shower cause i haven't seen you touch water in 3 days. Now with him going to work and bed work and bed he must not think he needs to go wash his bal^s but come on. No one wants to smell like a*s do they. I don't know what to do with him and I don't want to start a arguement or make him feel bad but come on something has to give. Yea some of you are proble lauphing and some are proble like no way. But damn if it isn't one thing its another. I am gonna go for now. Come at me with some real advice and not none of the dumb comments. This is my life and I shared personal things here.  

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26-30, F
Feb 28, 2010