Most Of My Life

I have always been in diapers for some reason or another as a baby i was potty trained very young at around 2 yet was still diapered for long trips and any time i would not be able to go right to the toilet. Around age 4 i started bedwetting and was diapered every night during the day i would have to wear them for various reasons mainly when i was sick also for punishment as that was my moms favorite punishment for me. when i started to outgrow my Fitti brand baby diapers my parents tried other methods first the alarm which my dad got rid of after 3 days next i couldnt drink anything after dinner and not much before then the rubber sheets thank god Pull-Ups came out in that time and boy were they great started to outgrow them very fast luckily they upped baby diaper sizes so it was back to baby diapers. then i was in line at wal mart one day and the person in front of us had Goodnites i about busted a gut pointing them out to my mom so we went back into the store and got 3 packs i wore all 3 sizes through my growing up i finally stopped bedwetting when i was 14 but wore goodnites every nite till after i turned 15 still wearing them when i slept anywhere but my own bed and on long trips which was alot because there was always a church trip or sleepover or family vacation to go to. I had been about 5 months without wearing any diaper of any kind and then it happened. driving home from work one day the engine in my truck (71 F350 4X4 crew cab) blew up so i built another engine for it and had it on a brand new stand so when the time came to install it i cheerily start to roll the engine on the stand out to install it heard a pop and the next thing i know the engine is pinned me down on the driveway and a complete ford 390 V8 weighs close to 1000lbs so after i was unwrapped from that i was taken to the hospital and told my back was severely damaged as well as my bladder and i would probably be incontinent for life so back to Goodnites it was until 2002 when they made goodnites smaller i had to switch to adult size diapers which took alot of getting used to there are alot of crap tastic adult diapers out there that are easy to get you gotta really look to find good ones that got easy in 2004 when i figured out you could buy online then i really got the good stuff like my now favorite the dry 24/7 and even exotic diapers from europe like Fabine exclusive and Tena Slip Maxi which i also keep a supply of anyways thanks for reading:-)
johnfordsmith johnfordsmith
Dec 14, 2012