Alway's Have Had To Wear Them...

Growing up being a bedwetter, I was kept in diapers by my Mom. I really do have to say that for me, it comes natural to use my diaper (I still wear them today) while I am sleeping that it's the normal thing for me to do. I never had to get up in the middle of the night like normal people have trained themselves to do. For me, I don't have dreams that I'm peeing than wake up to a soaked bed, I just wake up and my diaper is wet, it's as simple as that for me now. There have been nights were I couldn't wear a diaper to sleep in, but on those times I just didn't let myself fall asleep. I don't go around telling people about my condition and am still quite embarrassed about it, but I have learned to deal with what will be with me till I die, I guess.

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hi don't feel bad about your badder control because i suffer also and have delt with it i see you wear a diaper and it helps you can i suggest that you wear a diaper and some plastic pants and i know it you will make you feel more comfortable knowing you will not wake in the morning with a wet bed the combination of diapers and plastic pants works well for many people like and myself so please try them and i think you will be a much happer lad with more confidence in handling your wet nights and days i hope i have been a help to you cheer for now catch you later

I'm not potty trained whitch sometimes is good at times and not so good at others in another word if one of a few close friends want have some fun i will play and let them change me if not itsnot any fun changing and cleaning myself mainly becausee i'm incontinent both ways and do'nt do it just for fun

i would say in joy it love it for what it is babymikey

i would say in joy it love it for what it is babymikey

Thanks for asking AshleyDL, although I did have a few daytime accidents when I was small, mostly just holding it to long, but I would say I was potty trained like other kids.