I Never Cry

Yes, I have been called an army Sargent a couple of times, oh and don't forget that joke "I got my tear ducts removed" which would be impossible, because then your eyes would dry up. But it is odd, It is not like I do not feel that pounding aching sadness, because I have. It feels horrible and I wish I could stop feeling altogether when it happens but I can't bring myself  to cry about it. I sometimes wish I could cry I just don't, it is almost like I am not sad enough to do as such...
I havn't cried at the couple funerals I have been to, and I knew the people. I just did't cry, I was mourning no doubt but no crying. And I am sure people have cried just for the sake of getting anger, frustration, and sadness out. I honestly can't remember the last time I cried. I think it might have been in third grade or so when I fell on the pavement and ripped my face apart, afterwards I had a big lip for weeks. 
I am in high school now so that is a big difference. I don't know if anyone else has this issue but it is odd to be caught in a group of crying friends and be the only one NOT crying. My parents often wonder about my brain and how it work, I am merciless and morbid when it comes to destroying things.
surfergirl212 surfergirl212
13-15, F
Jul 17, 2010