Die With A T

I've tried to diet, and I have lost weight, but then I found myself so miserable. It wasn't a doctor's orders, just my own. I was about ten pounds overweight, of course, if it were doctor's orders than I would diet. I'm not fat, I'm very built, it's just I want to be healthy.
But when I was on a diet, i thought for the life of me I was going to DIE! And i found myself in a crappy attitude.
So one night, I walked to the refridgerator at about one in the morning, after listening to a little Foreigner music, followed by Journey, I got hungry.
I saw a pack of cookies that had two packets, each had about fifteen cookies in it. I said, you know, I'll have about three and go back to bed.
So I put one in my mouth, and then I opened my eyes and saw a empty, crumpled up bag and then a bag with only three cookies left.
What a shame it would be to let those three go to waste! Or should i correctly say, GO TO WAIST! LOL!!! LOL on myself, flabby bottoms.
I never know how to diet and I guess I never will.
underthescars underthescars
18-21, M
May 11, 2012