I Was Born Damn Lucky

Sorry, don't mean to sound conceited,but I've never had to really diet. I remember my sister and I (and she's 14 years older than me) sitting at a table for lunch with our mother (who was in a nursing home) and I said to my sister that neither one of us would ever have to worry about weight and diets. We were just born with a good body. Yeah, sure-I try to exercise daily, but that's mostly for the health benefit. I'm very concious of my weight and only allow myself to eat sweet things during that PMS time. Having a "good" body is not really my fault. I was born this way.
mistressmonique mistressmonique
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

I never had to worry about my weight, until middle age hit...like a truck. lol. It's much more of a struggle, especially since it wasn't something I had to worry about earlier in life. I'm starting to win the battle, but it is a battle!

yeah, I understand about middle age hitting. I think I look pretty good now(I'm 44), but I know that I'll never get down to 100 or 110 pounds like I was in my teens and early twenties.

So you're saying that you don't really consider yourself lucky; you're jealous of muscular men?