I Eat When I Am Humgry And Stop When I Am Satisfied.

Food is not the problem. I don't diet. I wait until I am hungry and eat small portions until I am satisfied. I am learning to eat this way because of the Lord and Gwen Shamblin, who is the founder of Weigh Down Workshops. 

The problem is we have two hungers and most of us overweight people try to fill both hungers with food. But one of those hungers is in the heart and we are hungry for the Lord. When we satisfy both hungers the right way -- one with food and the other with the love of God we will lose weight. Dieting does not work. Trust me I tried it. It only makes me want more food. I just started and I am beginning to see results. If you want to know more you can go to her web site or you tube channel. Just type in Weigh Down and you'll get the address. If anyone wants to pray, I would be happy to pray for them and I ask that you pray for me. Thanks.
justasiam justasiam
61-65, F
May 20, 2012