I Still Love My Ex-in Laws

My ex-husband and I split up in '99 when I was 19 years old. I had dated him since I was 13 years old. His family never seemed to like me from my point of view. His grandmother fussed at me all the time. She raised my ex-husband. Well, sitting back and thinking about it she wasn't really fussing just trying to help me out. She was showing me how to be a wife and mother. I had no experience and I was only 17 when I got married and was new to being a mother and a wife. That and she wanted me to see how bad my ex-husband was treating me. I thought you just dealt with it and stood beside your husband and acted like nothing was going on. When you got married it was forever. Well, I got smart when I turned 19. A destroyed car and a few broken bones and hospital visits later, when his grandmother told me to get out while I still could and take the kids with me. So I did. She gets the kids when I am back home. When I lived there she got them every other weekend. She loves my husband and is so glad that I met him. We are treated like we are her children. I hate to see the day she passes but I know that I will be there for her. Unlike my ex who hasn't talked to her in a year except to call to ask to get bailed out of jail or money to get his habit. I'm very thankful for her. She has helped me out in rough times when I needed her the most.
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That is it exactly, We love our families, even though we know sometimes they are not what we would like themto be. His grandmother saw this and altough he is family(biologically) the true bond of her family is with you. We can't ask them to disown thier own but we can own them as our own, good for you to be so mature and see this. Your kids will have the benifit of thier grandmother plus a very wise young mother. Hats off to you !