Never Ending Libido

since puberty, sex has always been on the front burner with men, I thought so much about women, it would have been easier just to become a woman. It just drives you 24/7
As we get older, we think it will subside and it just never goes away. The problem gets out of hand when you cater to your sex drive hoping the next episode will satisfy your cravings only to want more or again.
Then comes the guilt associated with the things you have done to satisfy your needs, even though you justify them in your mind.
Approaching senior years and concerned this curse may never leave us I started asking around. When do men lose there sex drive?
A male friend told me he was at a wedding and the 77 year old father of the bride leaned over and said to him " look at the **** on that one"
Another friend told me his wife worked at a hospice and was tending to a 88 year old male, he had a half hour left to live and took he hand and put it on his crotch. - too funny.
My point is, while women are cursed with PMS, menopause, periods, child birth, there are books written about it, woman are supportive and emotionally available to one another, men don't fully understand the emotional side of it fully but are supportive. Not the same for men
Men are cursed with the HL - high libido, we don't talk about it, we are suppose to suppress our gravings, we can't over talk about it to our partners, there are no books written about it, and if we surrender to the cravings there are legal issues, moral issues, financial consequences etc. Looking for thoughts to carry me through my senior years of this curse HL
howdyduty howdyduty
Dec 15, 2012