"Wanna Change Something"

 “If there’s one thing in your life or in the past that u wants to change what would that being?”

A certain person asked that question to me a year ago I told him that nothing because I  don’t have any plan to change anything in my life that’s why he get puzzled w/ my answer. Well, I really don’t have a perfect life but I’m happy having it. I can’t imagine  changing anything in the past because that will surely change everything in the present .Even though there are difficult situations and problems I’ve encounter I consider every minute of my life worth remembering because w/out those experience I will never be a person I used to be right now. I will never met those persons who become a big part of my life either the memories that can make me laugh that reminds me of what person I used to be in the past.

So maybe it’s my turn now …….What’s ur answer if ask u the same question being asked to me?


pritzy pritzy
22-25, F
1 Response May 26, 2007

Your question is one I have often asked others. On the personal level _Being a mother and looking back to see what I could change gave me insight to being a better mother.<br />
Those I asked_A few people told me they didn't have anything they wanted to change. Of all those that said there was one thing, the most popular answer was a birthday party!