i havn't exercised in years.  wait, that's not true. i get lots of elbow exercize when i eat!  a few weeks ago i had to get some official transcripts from a community college for transfer to university.  due to budget cuts the admissions office was going to close in about ten minuets.  well i can still walk fairlly rapidly so i went to the business office to pay for my transcripts.  there were two people ahead of me.  when i finally got my reciept i had only two minuets to get back to admissions.  i started to run but realized i could't!  my fat flying up and down made it difficult to balance myself.  this was a revelation to me and it was a mile stone in my quest for sloth and gluttony.  well long story short i made it back with about thirty seconds to spare.  hot, sweaty and out of breath.  exercize is over rated.  i love being a fat weakling. 
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2 Responses Sep 30, 2010

I like walking around the city where I live, and since I like to travel, I walk in almost every city I visit. It usually causes me to lose weight, but I can then enjoy gaining it back and a little more when I'm at home.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. You have probably realized that exercise isn't just overrated, it's a waste of time that could be spent on sloth and gluttony.