Never Enough


I got up early for many years of my life. For the last few years I have slept odd hours, and sometimes get 10 hours, sometimes 5, sometimes 7, but it never feels like enough after I get up. I always want to curl back up on my warm pillows when I make the bed, and not get up all day! It never happens that way though, I rarely go back to sleep anyway, once I have been up. I loved my hours at EP when I first came here, I once stayed here for 36 hours! I can't do that anymore, since I am working. I've heard it said "Sleep when you're dead", I guess I'll have to try that someday...

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
51-55, F
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

ever get tested for sleep apnea ? I used to have to go to bed by 9PM or 9:30PM, just to feel half way decent when I awoke at 5:30A. Later found out I have sleep apnea, now use CPAP and it controls the apnea, yet I still wake up at 5:30AM... but now I can go to bed much later and still wake up feeling 'ok'. I still often wish I could get more sleep, or sleep in on those days when I don't have to work, yet my internal clock rarely lets me sleep past 6AM

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