Not Even Here.

I'm always ignored or left behind. I can go for days and weeks without someone attempting to talk to me. No one tries or cares until I post a story like this. Then I get comments and wb messages and an occasional pm. Chris and chip are the only ones who've even cared for my number. (I'm not giving it out so don't try)
I've got so many ideas and stories and things that I want to share, but what's the point in talking if no one listens? What's the point in being in a place where I'm as ignored here as in the real world? There is none. But I stay here because I'm a hopeful idiot.
Some people will tell me that I just need to speak up and tell people what I want to get attention but I'm not going to jump and dance and sing to get you to notice me. So, for now I'll just sit here because there's no point. This is just another story that no one will read. This is just another night where I'll feel like no one cares. This is just another stupid thought.
I don't belong in the real world and I don't belong here.
Where do I belong?
Yoru Yoru
7 Responses May 30, 2011

your like the invisible boy from mystery men "dad i am going to my room with three strange men"

i know what you mean, i get lonely feelings alot, i feel like im the one making all the effort with people at times, to the point where i get **** taken out of me, but then really ive nothing to prove to anyone. well i only joined this the other day and ive read your story and commented so maybe you shouldnt think so negatively xxx

You're both great friends. And I love you both so much. <br />
Chip- the only person seeing my chachas will be you LOL :P<br />
Chris- you're not invisible to me and you're a great friend.

*hugs* I know what you mean, sometimes I feel invisible, well most times I feel invisible. I say write if you feel like it no matter how many people read it, if it helps you then write :)<br />
On the flip side I do not feel like I'm a good friend sometimes.

Hahha I am weird like that lol xD<br />
<br />
You technically could show big chachas and then everyone would be all over you ;D BUT I don't want you too cus then you'll be too cool to talk to mehhhhh :P ahha ;)

Chip, you're the only person I know who can make me smile and cry at the same time. :)

**** PEOPLE. Seriously hermosa, **** people. I am in the same spot. All people care about is adding people with nice boobs or who talk about sex, a LOT. Fuckk that. It gets soo damn old. Real quick. Sure, I ***** a lot on here, but I can also be friendly, but people just don't give a **** sometimes. Thats why I am not gonna try to talk to ppl anymore. BUT YOU, with you, it's always gonna be different. I'm here for you dear. NEVER be afraid to text me, call me or anything like that. If i'm busy, damnit, I WILL MAKE TIME TO TALK TO YOU. Sound okay dear? *hugs*