I Wish I Had A Better Dad

My story is bit different. Since my childhood i was oppressed harassed mentally and physically abused by my so called "father" and his family. My father has some mental ailments since his childhood which prevents him from behaving normally but even then his behavior is so cruel and beastly. He doesn't and never care for anybody because of his rudeness and unsociable behavior his own parents and siblings have turned enemy to him. And now they count me as their enemy too because i his "son". Whenever i remember those days of my childhood when i was constantly abused by his cruel beatings and the insecurity i got back then which persists till now..........scatters me. He use to beat my mom like a punching bag depending on his mood. My mom has developed cervical and false teeth because of that retard. He is a ******* bastard that each day tries to kill me and seeks to make my life more of a living hell. That ****** is such an ******* that was always there for harassing me and showing me his dominance over me but failed to protect me whenever i was in trouble and needed a protection. I am glad that i have grown big now and his rude behavior is somehow suppressed by me. But still i am not a kind of a person who enjoys voilance and still wish why i was the only person who got chosen to live life like this. I wish i had a better dad with whom i could have shared better memories atleast a protection.
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1 Response Feb 6, 2013

It sucks when you're related to such people. Get away from this person if you can. Live on your own....then you don't ever have to have contact with them if you don't want to. You don't have to put up with people's **** just because you're related to them. You never have to speak to him again if you don't want to. Its up to you.

I believe that time has great powers and if i had an option i would certainly exercise your advise because i even want to. The thing that prevents me is the attachment of my mother since she is a very holy women she believe that all of this is her past life karma and she should live upto it and can't live without her. Moreover i don't have that sort of financial security right now to support her medical bills.