Never In My Whole Life

even before i went to school i never felt like i belonged anywhere.

and when i did go to school, thats when it got worse, thats when i felt like a freak, by everyone.

even today i dont feel like i belong anywhere......i just dont fit in with the others, and i am happy that i am not like them because i hate them...but it makes me sad, because, i dont like being alone....i'm sort of a lonely loner....

lmpulsive lmpulsive
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7 Responses Sep 24, 2009

i'm sorry inku, school sucks :( *hugs* you belong here too, and i am so happy i have you in my life...<br />
<br />
nah, there aren't...i know cause i know my school lol......besides, i dont need those kinds of friends, i am much happy with my true friends on EP..

no i fact i had a girl talk to me on my first day too and we became friends...

hey thats how i felt my first day but somehow i met one girl that actually talked to me for some strange and unknown reason just keep tht in mind not everyone is the same

Neither did I.....come to think of it..neither have a lot of us here. We're our own selves, our own thoughts, our own identity.

yeah, EP is a real big help. i dont even think i am freakish, its just because i dont fit into there social mold you know what i mean?

I Can relate to ho you feel. it is saddening to be singled out in a big a** group and not have anyone to talk or get along with. But it always is an absolute pleasure when we do meet people we can talk to freely without feeling like they think us weird of freakish. So just be patient, one day you'll find someone like that in real life. Plus you got us here on EP.

i mean at school, not on EP...