Baby Sister.

My baby sister was adopted when she was born last November.  I never got to meet her, I don't know that I ever will, she might be one of those kids that grows up to never want to meet her birth family.  I was willing to take her and raise her, but her mother gave her away behind my family's back.  Apparently the parents are these wealthy people that work for Bank of America.  They've got a three year old whom they adopted as well.  I really hope my sister grows up feeling loved.

I know that alot of adopted children do not feel love.  Especially when the adoptive parents have birth children.  One of my best friends was adopted from Haiti.  Her adoptive parents had two birth sons when they adopted her and her sister.  To start off, the father began molesting my friend.  After about four years of that abuse, the mother found out and divorced him.  I do believe my friend was held accountable for the divorce. 

Their mother believed that women are responsible for cooking and cleaning and men are not.  So while my friend's brothers got to go out with friends and lay around the house watching tv, she had to come home and do a huge list of chores, then cook a meal.  The sons got treated like princes.  The mother was paying money for her son to attend an expensive uni, but when we graduated, she told my friend that she was going to have to start paying for her own groceries, toilet paper, everything.  Meanwhile, the son was about 22 at that time and was back living at home, not paying for a thing.

My wish is that my baby sister is loved and treated as if she is the adoptive parents own biological child. 

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Feb 25, 2009