I Know You!

I never forget a face. I think there is something beautiful about everyone's face. It shows so much, like a map of your life. I am an avid people watcher.
I especially enjoy watching large family groups. This is often in a restaurant, a park, or an airport. I study their faces, body language, expressions. From there, I try to figure out their place in the family. Mother, son, sister-in-law, siblings, etc. The clues are sometimes obvious, and sometimes very subtle. I could be the shape of a chin, funny earlobes, their posture, or the arch of the eyebrows. Try it sometime!
Some years ago, me and Mr.Lilt were at a club in Chicago ~ nowhere near my hometown. A man walks through the door. I know him. I know him from a long time ago. We were on the same swim team...in 1971. That was over 30 years ago, we were 8 years old. Mr. Lilt laughed and dismissed my claim, saying "you always think you know everybody.". Which is kind of true. While I was in the ladies room, he went and asked the man if he was who I thought he was. True! We talked for a bit and it was fun.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is all this plastic surgery business. And geez, what a business it is! I am completely baffled, and saddened, by all the procedures people have adopted as "normal." It is nose jobs, boob jobs, hair removal, hair replacement, liposuction, inject a smile, Botox, and on and on. I recently saw a commercial that asked, "Do suffer from inadequate eyelashes?" Huh???

With all these procedures, how will I know if someone "looks just like their Dad." Or has their "Aunt's perfect skin." Or has a "fine *** just like their sister."
How will I know if we were on the same swim team in 1971???

I will never forget a face. I WILL forget your face...
If it is not your face!!!
Lilt Lilt
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I am forever discovering new bit of awesomeness you have written!! This was todays find!! Thanks for leaving the link for us to follow!

My hubs and I are fine with whatever others do with themselves but we both lean towards more natural ways to hang onto youth and health....like eating fresh and organic food as much as possible and avoiding junk, chemicals and preservatives.... Keep hydrated, moving and happy helps a lot too..... I'd rather leave surgery as a last resort for something that can't be treated some other way....No matter how much they operate on a person they still get older....Time never stops... I'd rather be an older person with happy laugh lines and a twinkle in my eye then some of these poor older folks who get so many lifts and stuff they look like they are always scared and made of thin paper..... I have always like the way older folks faces look anyways..... I wanna be a totally eccentric and fun older lady!!

I just happen to be eating a double bacon cheeseburger, while reading your comment.
With a twinkle in my eye.

Double bacon on a burger with cheese!!!.....that had lots of protein in it and that isn't a bad thing!! *twinkles right back at ya! :D*

I have a very good friend who after breast augmentation discovered one side was very distorted. A redo was done. The other side was left unacceptable. Four surgeries later she is now smaller then she was originally with scars. Of course she sued and won gobs of money but those funds will never give her back what is now lost.
She is not yet thirty.

I do think some surgeries that correct deformities are acceptable. I will never submit to a procedure done for vanity alone. I will never be that vane. I think age brings with it a unique beauty. I am in no hurry to see it appear on my own face and body but I don't fear it either. I am not one of those drop dead gorgeous women. My looks are rather bland. Perhaps that helps me past this current addiction to youth so many have.

"I am not one of those drop dead gorgeous women. My looks are rather bland. "
I doubt this, Elected.
It is kind of sad that when someone says "drop dead gorgeous," a particular image comes to mind. Even more sad that the look is seen as the ultimate goal for many women. I think people who have manipulated their natural beauty to achieve the look are bland. Bland on the inside.

I agree. I used that term with a bit of a cheeky duality implied. It seems sadly ironic that some are willing to risk death in order to cling to youth.

What a great tale. I found the link to this on another story and am glad i followed it. I feel it is needless and foolish to risk going under a knife or having potentially lethal nerve killing toxins injected into a face to smooth out a few lines which if left alone only add to the character we should all welcome and be proud of as we age.

You are so right, Paul. People kind of forget about seriousness of going under the knife. Their biggest concern is how they are going to pay for it. And it used to be a hush-hush thing, but now they brag about their procedures. Just bizarre. What do you think about the numerous tattoos young people are getting?

so so true and once its done you cant reverse it or not easily. i think plastic surgery is also a terrible use o f doctors skills when they are need ed for health concerns

Lucky, you make a really important point . I really didn't think of the surgeon's skills in that way. There is so much need out there. Yet, here are these vain and simple people puffing up their lips and making big plastic boobs. It is truly a sad commentary on our American priorities. Thank you so much for your insight!

lol. That's cool that you can remember faces. I like people watching too :) Some people just over do it with the plastic surgery.

Way over do it! Think Carrot Top. yikes!

lol Yeah I'm not all against plastic surgery until people do it so much they look completely different and no longer look natural

I agree, I always think of Barbara Striesand who was pressured to have a nose reduction but she refused and allowed herself to remain a beautiful unique lady.

Don't change cosmetic surgery, change the discrimination against "less pretty" people. Beauty-privilege is the worst kind of privilege after white, male privilege, in my opinion.

I wish I could stay 'natural' too, but I can't, the suffering is too intense, the hate, the abuse for being an ugly girl, cosmetic surgery can be for the good, but only because we live in a cruel world.
Don't worry, it's super expensive, we're paying the price for it, a really big price for something plenty of people get simply born with.

Scar, I would never imply that all plastic surgery is bad. There are physical features that cause a lot of pain and isolation for some. I have seen a gastric bypass surgery literally transform a friend's life. It seems to me that a long time ago, there was a lot of psychological counseling involved before any procedure. Now we just have a few drinks before the Botox party.

A few drinks before a Botox party? That's... unbelievable! I'd almost say that cosmetic surgery is a powerful tool in saving people's lives (from suicide mostly), but botox parties and stuff really sound like "cosmetic surgery abuse" or something. :-o


Good, fun story. I enjoyed very much. Its true it is becoming a plastic world.

Ooh what a fun story Mrs Lilt. Yes, I love looking at families and recognising their common features. It's quite a game to play, many hours of harmless fun! I love it when a little kid really looks like an older person in the family, some particular feature that's common to them both.

And friends don't age do they? Even though my friends are aging at an equally rapid rate as myself ... I just don't see it ... and hopefully they don't see it in me either! But it doesn't matter it's the inside stuff that matters, I figured that one out ages ago!

I'm with you on the plastic surgery too ... but I've wondered now and again how I'd look with a facelift ... just a little tuck here and there! lol ... but I can't see me ever having the guts to do it though ... or the money for that matter!

Woman, I am sure everyone has a little something they would like to change. That's natural. But going ahead and making all those changes is NOT natural. Me...I would get these boobs lifted back up where they belong.

My boobs are OK at the moment ... everything else is heading south though! The joys of aging!! :)

It would probably have the same effect as decorating the scruffier room in the house. Yes it looks great, but now there is a new scruffy area that needs attention.

Best story ever! I agree. People watching is so much fun. I'd rate up your story a couple of rates up but everytime I want to rate up anything here lately, my computer asks me if I'd like to save the file. Huh? Why? Would my computer plant some sort of marker on your story for the Feds to follow? Would they suspect you of nefarious motives because you innocently observe people? Lilt! I don't want to be responsible for starting your FBI profile. But consider yourself highly rated. : )

Who says I don't already have a file ?


Hair removal, yes. Maybe. Possibly mole removal, if its obvious, say on the face. Otherwise there really is no need for it. We are all individuals and need to accept ourselves. Not to attempt to become clones. The culture of perfection is damaging our daughters psyches and to a lesser extent, our sons too.

I couldn't agree more, Corylus. I have three sons, and I surely hope I have taught them to appreciate the beauty in everyone.

I admit, I'd wanna do the hair removal thing. To never have to shave would be awesome. As far as the other stuff, I'm so with you. I'll never understand why people will take such risks by going under the knife.

Somehow, Affinity, I cannot imagine you being all that hairy. :-)

I'm with you on the hair......

.....a little less for me please!

I'm not all that hairy. I shave :-)

I pluck those chin hairs. Haven't started shaving them yet. ;-)

Hahaha cute Lilt. When I was pregnant with my first I had a few show up, but nothing major. They went away though.

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Inject a smile.....LMAO!

They are some pretty funky smiles, don't you think, Dottie?

A friend of ours works for a plastic surgeon. Some of the work that walks out the door is unreal....in a bad way.....and they are HAPPY with it!

Unreal..you said it. Just a hot mess. And I don't even think these people wonder how it will look a few years ahead. Or the medical issues that could be their future.

Even scarier...I saw a story about a woman who wanted a big bootie. She went to some fake doctor and he injected her with tire sealant!!!

That's the one!

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