No Gambling For Me.....

I hate losing and never win anyway; I'd rather give my money away to someone who needs it than to some unscrupulous person who has too much already and isn't appreciative or ethical in its final use.

xerxes211 xerxes211
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1 Response Jun 23, 2008

Yeah, there are few positive aspects to gamblin'. It's good for those rare few who win big, and for the decent-paying jobs that it creates. The rest is terrible. Sometimes I think it should be illegal.. it's weird how casinos in Ontario are owned by the government. No wonder we can afford universal health care :P<br />
When we agreed to have a casino in our town, it was because it was advertised as a 'charity casino'. Who knew 'charity' meant 1-2%.. <br />
Thanks, OLG, for bringing us a building where senior citizens spend 10 hours a day spending all their childrens' inheritance. And all the other stuff..