Not Even For Matches

It is not a religious thing or anything like that; I'm Catholic Catholics push that Bingo gambling and lottery tickets. Nor is it something I learned from my parents. They used to play penny-ante poker with friends when I was still a kid living at home.

No, it is just a feeling I have that I don't want to do it. As a young kid I was fascinated by the miniature roulette wheel a friend had. But when some matches came out and we were going to use it- no thank you! I have purchased one lottery ticket in my life - for somebody else.

I may have addictions but gambling is not one of them.
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I'm not much of a gambler either, but for some reason I don't consider lottery tickets gambling. I know why too. I fell for the ancient ad campaign, "You have to be in it to win it..." and I like to ...dream.


Gambling is not in and of itself wrong, read the your Bible and you will not find gambling "condemned" anywhere in it, however if you can afford it there is nothing wrong with spending a few dollars for an evening of " entertainment."
Gambling becomes sinful only when one pays too much money for the "entertainment,"
a person in a casino spending thousands of dollar that his family needs is committing a "sin" and the " Catholic Church" is very firm about this. :|

Yes, I know that. Not my objection - actually I don't know why I object - maybe too selfish or greedy to waste any money - IDK

No, you are not greedy or selfish is just not your idea of entertainment. MWAH

That's for sure - I don't see any fun in it at all.

Me neither.

So lets go to Vegas and watch some shows.

Like yeah! thanks for your generosity. MWAH!

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