Need More Zzzzzzzzzzz's

I have a 2year old so when I get him to bed at night I stay up to get housework done which leaves me getting to bed late everynight. And just as soon as I get into a deep sleep my son is ready to wake up at 8:00 am every day and low and behold there I am having to get up and take on the day. I know you are probably thinking, "why dont you just nap when your child does" so the answer is that I can not sleep during the day.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I think I will give up a lot of worrying over housework and go to bed early tonight, and see how much difference it can make for me! Thank you all for your comments.

I agree with TinyTurtle. Sleep is so important and you would enjoy your son much more if you weren't so tired. My daughter, who is 9 now, had her nights and days mixed up when she was young. So when she was sleeping during the day, my son was awake, so I couldn't sleep then. She would be up most of the night, so I couldn't sleep then either. I tried to keep her up more during the day, but then she would be even more crabby, which didn't help any at all.<br />
Thank goodness, they grow out of that, but in her case it took two years! (brat!) ;-) I can't wait until she has kids of her own!!!! lol