Never Enough Erotica...

I spend my days thinking about sex and all the different things it means to me. I adore sharing erotic emails and pictures with my man because, to me, it means the Universe. Frankly, for years, even in my two other committed relationships I just didn't feel craved, sensual and special. The other men never lusted after me and sadly, I was treated like a vulnerable doll after a year into both of those relationships.

I adore Female Domination and real hetro, gay and lesbian ****, the more vintage the better. Oiled, smooth bodies with groomed pubic hair, genuine passion of a lovers embrace. Literature like Nin and De Sade, Olde English ****, modern sex true stories, tales of people of different looks and abilities making pleasure, otherworldly sex and videos. I LOVE it!

Erotica fires my whole life in one form or the other and nobody will ever succeed in there attempts to shame me for it.

I write my fair share as well, mainly rock band fiction and tales of my own adventures, sometimes craftily intertwined. I have even modelled sensually once upon a time.

Suggest some sites or resources to me privately, if you wish.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
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Well said

Go to to see some vintage erotica.