Feel Rushed.

I hate to feel rushed, so I never give change at a checkout while I'm shopping.  I just give one bill larger than the total amount and make the cashier give me change back.  I know that it is inconvenient for the cashier but I really don't want to open my wallet and count out coins while people are in line behind me, so I don't. 

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Well I just use whole bills (just round up to the next dollar). I have tons of change in my purse, but don't feel like holding up the line counting it out.

I dont intend to be a sexist here but I think that women are more apt to hold up the line searching for exact change. Maybe they feel the cashier will give them a discount sometime down the road...I dont know. The debit card is a wonderful invention. It is a quick,safe and interest fee way of purchasing and I really appreciate those women who make use of it.