Slowly But Necessary

this ******* hurts ******* hurts
i cry and it stung my eyes
it stung my eyes so bad i can't believe the burnt it create
why do i have to suffer like this
did god personally pick me for this service
please don't torture me anymore
i can't take it anymore
please don't
why do you have to be so mean
why do you have to be so cruel
are you born this way
what made you this way
i cry not because of our memories
i cry not because of us
but i cry only for myself, only for myself
i cry cause you are capable of hurting me
i cry because i feel this great pain in my chest
you can't stop punishing me
you can't stop pushing me
you can't stop looking back
you can't stop blaming me, blaming me
i cry because you hurt me
i cry because this was unnecessary
i cry because i wanna leave you but i can't
i don't know why i can't let go of you
but wait... hey hey wait
i think i can let you go
i am letting you go
but this process takes time
it will take so much of my time
hey hey wait wait
i actually feel better now
i feel better now
only to find myself crying again later
only later...
i find myself crying
and this part is necessary
necessary to let go of you
slowly but necessary...
i will come out of this
i will come out of this, i know it
i know i will
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

i found i culd not stop reading your feelings in words. i too have had days even years as that. for that letting go is easyer said than done, more so when like you, why me god. i did learn it best to never give up an just enjoy the entertainments journey as others try, for i feel that is a gift once understood, thank you for sharing as i so much enjoy your story as others, takecare.