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I have made a decision  in my life, that I made early on in my teenage years .. not to use any substances....this over the years has made me an outcast in alot of social situations....

but I believe I made the right decision regardless.and I will never try anything...ever.
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i made the same choice at sixteen. i'm now eighteen. i don't think my parents really take me seriously when i say i'll never drink, but i'm serious.<br />
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i'm glad you don't regret your decision.<br />
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while some people can stay sober and enjoy themselves in a group of people drinking/doing drugs/whatever, i could not. when my friends go to drink, i don't go. so i also have been in many awkward social positions, and i'm sure in college it will be much much worse.<br />
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i'm glad to hear that you've made similar choices and feel strongly about them.

I also vowed when I was a teen never to get drunk or stoned and I still never have and have never regretted it. Good for you for sticking to it and if your friends dont like you for it, they arent your friends.

You're just like me :) And I'm still happy... You know what? If your friends are understanding, you can still be with them during those moments, 'cause they should respect your choice of not taking drugs, and not ostracize you!

nooo not at all ..all of my friends ..and family for that matter have chosen other choices...I would never judge anyone for their choices or lifestyle .......I don't know I guess I mean just feel like an outcast because I am always the only one not doing those things ...but it is not them that make me feel this way is me that makes me feel like this most likely ...<br />
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thanks for commenting !