I've Never Even Wanted To.

It is not a religious thing for me.  It's just never appealed to me.  At all.  I grew up around alcoholics; maybe that's why.  I just don't "get" intoxication.
BellaLinda BellaLinda
26-30, F
1 Response Oct 7, 2006

It appealed to me, and I'm fine. I talked like you for years, and then gave it a try. everything got a try- alcohol, pot, heroin, speed, coke, LSD, mushrooms. I quit everything without a problem. I didn't become an addict until long after I stopped using- because of a stupid painkiller they gave me at a hospital. Funny how things turn out. Heroin and me were fine together. Three tablets of oxycodone and I have to have more, and eventually turn back to heroin. Oh well, now I'm on suboxone, happy and sorta-drug free