One Little Mistake

My first love was when I was 15, I was crazy in love with this crazy in love guy and we did crazy things, always breaking up and going back out, ignoring each other and then having the best make up. I was a virgin. I told him that he loved me more If we didnt do it. When it was over, he told me that it worked, he DID love me more. I went to a party and drank because I was crushed by a rumor that he got another girl pregnant. The host of the party dropped exstacy and ruphees in my drink and i lost my virginity that night.
My mom put a TRO out on my Boyfriend and I came out as Bi.
I just couldnt go back to normal.
Then I got it more together and planned to contact him again, 5 years later. Only now he's got a baby with his new GF.
Tell me that's okay.
ChicaLoca808 ChicaLoca808
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Thats exactly why its okay tho, because it finished and I got out. Blessing in diguise I would say but you are totally right.<br />
<br />
I learned wisdom the hard way for sure tho.

yeah, :/ but hey at least you get it now yknow?

oh yeah.

hell naw thats not okay !! smh daamn thats some crazy shxt right there... you cant trust nobody.. im saying tho.. that guy is such a liar... i despise him already... what was the whole point of telling you he "loves" you and all this other stuff.. then, goes and fxcks around with some other girl.. that shxts just wrong...

Actually I was thinking today, its so much better that hes moved on, so I can feel free to do so myself. FINALLY.

ok then thats cool :) moving on is best to do