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My employer announced last week that there would be about 40 people that would be let go. Funny how I was sort of wishing I'd be included. You know how when you get stuck for a long time in a job and you only make yourself go deeper and deeper into that sticky mud. Unable to make yourself available for other opportunities. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave.

But faerie wasn't included. The company also asked for volunteers, and for most, they were simply escorted out. A good friend volunteered and yesterday was my friend's last day then heading off to Ontario. There were no goodbyes. We both pranced around on the thought of the last day since last week... never really planning on anything between then and after. I doubt either of us can say much about it. Often times, we simply stare at each other.

My friend tried looking for me before walking out of the building. Faerie hid herself away. I never got the chance to say goodbye. I didn't really want to get the chance. I didn't really want to say goodbye. And I don't know which is sadder.

Sylphy Sylphy
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I am sorry this happened to you at work. You make real friends there. I still hang with friends I made at other jobs, but it gets harder to get together as time passes when we don't see each other every day and we lose something we had in common. But, don't wish to be laid off, unless you've got something better set to go. I was laid off unexpectedly after just six months because of economic conditions. Luckily, I found another job right away, but at much lower pay. I lost my apartment. It took two years to find a better paying job (the one I have now) and I'm vary anxious about being laid off again. More squeeshies for Sylphy.

I know this happened to you, too, Mary. So sorry to let you relive it. *squeesh*

Hey... you're liking the squeeshes, huh? *wiggles faeriebrows*

It's a Catch 22. Wanting to go vs I can not go (at this time). Things will fall into place at the right time. There's a lesson here, I'm sure... just feeling sad for now.

I was laid off in March, and I felt jipped out of saying goodbye to the people I worked alongside for just under 6 years. I got to say goodbye to two of the people that were in the room as I packed my items, but the rest of the people I got close to, talked with, and enjoyed company of had no idea about it. At least we have Facebook, so we can keep in touch, but there are some people that DON'T have a Facebook either, and I do miss laughing and talking with them. After telling me I was let go because of the downsizing, I was watched while packing my things, and escorted out, like the person before me (who also worked directly with me, I would've missed him being gone if I were still there).

I feel you and understand and it sucks for sure not getting to say goodbye to some people, even if you don't particularly want to say it because of what it means.

I'm sorry this happened to you. Sometimes I feel a bit selfish that I wallow for not wanting to say goodbye. And not be more sensitive to the ones who are actually leaving. I dunno... I trust it's one of those art that life has and I haven't gone to school for it. Can't even bring my foot on the classroom door.

Oh dear..... I am sorry you were so torn. Somehow saying goodbye seems to make things so final, and it is hard to see friends leave. Unfortunately, your friend is now no longer at work with you. Perhaps if you do choose to say goodbye and wish her well at some point, you could call or email her. Closure can be important, more important than we often are aware of at the time of departure. And there is sorrow- not only in the saying of goodbye, but in the departure itself.....denying the goodbye did not stop the departure...so maybe you could now send the goodbye and get that closure for both of you..... Be well, I am sorry you are sad.

I'll get to that closure... somehow. Only need to get over some stuff... like...
- checking on each other in between work even when we belong to different departments;
- throwing nuts at each other in the cafeteria;
- writing or drawing stuff on each other's windshields;
- hiding from a corner and scaring the crap from each other;
- crunching water bottles and making the other wet...
Stuff like that... waaahhh =(

***sends a tissue***......so hard to lose that bright spot.....friends are treasured beings..... hoping things are getting better.....

A very fun and caring friend to have... even for a while. I can only make it better by making myself feel better about it. Still miss the fun... but ack! In time... *blows faerienose*

On my last day, my friend looked at me and said, " You are a little ---t" I resigned because the place was a nightmare , choas and was seriously threatening my,mental health. It was really the perfect goodbye.

It would have been nice for you to express some kind of goodbye with words.

It sounds like a traumatic situation, losing 40 people at once. We are human beings and get attached to people. Thank you for sharing this.

It's the third time it has happened in our company. Since we merged into a corporation, cutbacks are very evident. Work remains the same, more in fact; but lesser work force.

The goodbyes make me feel like when someone dies. I never know what to say.

Oh :(
This is really sad
Why did you hide?
Go find her at once!
Sorry, I do understand .... I think maybe I have done the same some time coz I seem to understand too well :(

My friend's gone. Left the same afternoon for Ontario. =(

Hiding... one of faerie's bane. When it's an extreme emotion as such, I don't know how to handle myself so I hide.