I was shocked , then I felt numb

As if  I was viewing the world from inside a bubble

You left , without warning , without a goodbye

Was it so hard , to just say goodbye , would it have cost you so much?

I loved you, sacraficed for you,

Held your hand when you layed there , a shell of the woman we both knew you were

Huddled with you, hid with you from the monster , cried with you,  and amazingly laughed with you too

Some of my worst times in my life , you were there looking down at me telling me everything would be fine , crying as you did so

Some of the happiest times , you were there as well , smiling with me ,looking proud and making me feel as if I could fly

Your were always that little voice inside me that told me I could even when everyone else said I was too insignificant to even try

Then like a dream you were gone....... where is my voice ...where is my touchstone ...she is gone

She left ...and for good reasons,....but would it have cost you too much , to look in me eyes ...give me one more hug ....

And tell me you were leaving ?...To let me have a goodbye .....But you didnt ....


Okay....I will dust myself off

I will dry my tears , and your voice inside my head will tell me , that I will be fine

That what doesnt kill me will make me stronger ......and I wil listen like I always do...and I will dream of you I always do

And I will be stronger for it ....because I am my mothers daughter

softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
8 Responses Mar 14, 2010

thank you Reece you are so wonderful all the time...*hugs reece back just as big*

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww **runs up and gives Kitti a great big hug**

*runs to wolf and hugs him tightly *...yes darling ...but it is not from her alone , but from the wonderful people in my life that give me a hand to get up when I have fallen down in despair ...=-)

You are the strongest of all I met in my lifetime...Nothing can stop you kitti...You will come out to every challenge hands down for your mind is one of the strongest inherited from your mom !! Ofcourse you are mother's daughter and prove that!!<br />
<br />
A new challenge and kitti is all ready now to face it!!

hugs Orion closely * thank you darling


*hugs Sylph tightly * Thank you darling

Oh, Kitti..........*hugs...not-letting-you-go-kind-of hugs*........I am so sorry this happened to you. But you are strong like you have said......your strength will prevail...and maybe someday, when you're strong enough, you can fly to her....just to let her say good bye...