3 Times!

I have been married 3 times and not once have I got to wear a beautiful wedding dress.

I won't ever have the chance now, every little girls dream to wear a beautiful wedding dress as she walks down the asile, with her arm linked in her dad's

I will never get married again and my dad is dead!

So I guess that's that!

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When we are little girls, or most of us that is, we dream of the fairy tale. The big wedding dress, the knight and shining armor, but that does not happen, always, mostly in the movies. Why did you not the first time get the dress you wanted. Being the first time? Did you father walk you down an isle the first time, or was he there to at least be with you?<br />
I know that right know you may think, and I can understand how you feel..that you will never marry again, and your father will not be there with you walking you down and isle, but if you do ever decide to get married again know that your father is with you. And know that you can make whatever dreams you want come true. I know that dreams, may seem far from your sight at this time in your life, but you never know what may happen. There are no promises in life, but one thing that you can do is promise yourself that if you do marry again that you will have your dream, and you will not settle for less, as everyone deserves to have that! But you also have to know if you decide not too, that you are your own person, and marriage is a piece of paper, it does not mean that you do not love, or cannot commit to that person. I was engaged for ten year, yes ten years. He asked me to marry him over and over again, but he was not the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was married when I was 18, I was young. The only person on my side of the family who came to my wedding was my father. I have a large family, and the only people I really needed or wanted to be there was my parents, but my mother, disowned me when I was very young. I swore after that wedding (which was not the one I dreamed of that is for sure) that I would never marry again. Hence I did not marry the man that I was engaged to for 10 years. I was glad that I did not either, as I found out during those years that if I had I would have been trapped. Not my own person, and I would have never had a life outside of a marriage, and I would have gone back into the same cycle as I did with my first. Abusive. But I am ok, with the fact that I chose not to marry him. He on the other hand..well stocker! Why do you feel like you blew them all? It takes two!

Each time I married in the same registry office, there is no call for a big dress and lots of fuss.<br />
But I feel I missed out and I've never in all 3 times felt as if I'm properly married.<br />
I know I must sound rediculous and very childish but I will never know now. <br />
I've had 3 chances and blown them all.

Why couldn't you wear your desired wedding dress?

I'm so very sorry that you are feeling down about your situation.