I Really Want Someone

I'm 23 years old, I have never had a boyfriend. I have dated but not for a while now. What do you do? I try flirting when I'm out dancing with friends, I flirt when I meet nice people. But no one seems to want me. Sometimes guys come up to talk to me, but they're always the wierd ones. This one guy wanted to kiss my hand and was very touchy-feely and I can't stand that. He was slimy. I also met another guy who was so perfect.. Funny and kind and NOT slimy at all. But he lives a thousand miles away... About a year ago my friend told me that people we'd been hanging with thought I had a boyfriend. Does that mean I act unavailabe and guys don't think I'm 'free'? I don't know what to do. Maybe I'm too picky. Any advice is welcome, have a nice day :)

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Hi again :) Thank you guys for commenting. It makes me feel better and I do have hopes for the future. Life in general is always easier in the spring. I'll keep on smiling and flirting and one day he'll just come along and smile back.

wow thats crap

Yupp. Same here. I'm really picky. I guess I have a high standard for who I date and there just doesn't seem to be anybody that fits the bill. It sucks, because I'm pretty lonely and just wish I could find someone that is perfect. My advice, not sure if it'd be helpful but I'll give it a shot anyway. If it were me, I would take a class or try something new, [go to a gym, take a painting or dance class or join an organization that supports a certain interest] something that you have a passion for and could meet people that share that passion. Ya know. When you meet someone that you are physically attracted to, focus on getting to know them. If they're okay so far, plan to meet up again. If not, leave it at that. I obviously don't know you, but some reminders, don't over-flirt or be too clingy, but also don't seem like you're 'only' interested in friendship or not interested at all. In other words, give him your full attention. I don't know. I want to help but really, I don't have much experience to be giving adivce. lol Just be yourself, have confidence and shine. : ] Best of luck.

i had the same problem..i guess we're just picky people