I've Never Had One

And I'm almost 19. Not once has a guy I liked returned my feelings, and I don't know why. I'm nice. Everyone tells me I'm pretty or should be a model. Then they say "Boys are terrified to talk to you because you're so pretty"...why do they talk to my friends, then? My friends are pretty. They've had tons of boyfriends. I don't understand why a boy would be terrified of me, and not my friends, especially if I'm the first one to talk. Very recently I tried with one guy, and it came back that he seems to think "who'd be interested in that girl?" That's the attitude I seem to generate from any guy I'm interested in. Would someone please tell me why?
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18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 7, 2007

Hey hun, i can totally understand what ur saying and what yr going through. But you have to keep yr head up...trust me. :) Right now, I'm 18 yrs old....but i have never had a boyfriend. And all the time...ppl tell me that i'm pretty, caring, nice, & have a really personality...i know i'm not the smallest girl-but several ppl have told me a have a cute shape as well...so i kept wondering what was wrong with me...it hurt my confidence to have guy friends tell me i was pretty, or have great chemistry with a guy & then have nothing happen...it really hurt me...& eventually it all went to the internet...where again i met extremely attractive guys who like d me but were shocked i hadn't had a boyfriend...but nothing happened.So the answer is there is nothing wrong with you hun, u just haven't found the right person yet. In fact, before ppl even get to marriage...they go through a ton of ppl....but...i have to agree with the other guy...be open-minded...don't just focus on looks, b/c u might end up missing something special...also, another problem could be that u r going after the wrong types of guys......idk if this helps, but you're not alone. good luck :):)

Hope this advise dosent come across as mean or anything but next time a guy comes on to you give him a chance even if he isn't immediately attractive to you. This advise is come from the guy who is always turned down. Just give the other guys another look. Might be shocked at what you find