Going There But Never There


I am 25 (turning 26) and I never had a boyfriend.

The most obvious reason is that I rarely go out to meet new guys and I reject blind dates.

But I'm fortunate enough to meet GREAT guys every year (yes, every year). Unfortunately, it has always been the “going there but never there” scenario. And as I try to analyze the reason, I realized that it was indeed my fault why I never reached that point (of having a BF).

Guy 1: College close friend. I was so clingy and demanding (as if girlfriend).

Lesson Learned: Don't be too demanding. Be nice.

Guy 2: Officemate. I fell easily. And I was TOO nice to him. He lost interest.

Lesson Learned: Don't fall easily. Give him a challenge.

Guy 3: Officemate. I rejected him right way because he is a bestfriend material. Anyway, he's like my guy bestfriend now so I don't regret rejecting him.

Lesson Learned: Go with the flow. Don't end something before it has even started.

Guy 4: Business partner. I was so nice when we're talking via YM but in person, I totally ignored him. Showed no interest.

Lesson Learned: Learn how to connect in PERSON (not just via YM, text message, facebook)

Guy 5: Business partner: “Still on-going”


Unlike before when I used to get advice from girls my age, now I get advice from guys my age and guys older than me. They give me a better POV of men. Hopefully, we'll get better results with Guy 5. If not...then I'm excited to meet Guy 6. Haha. :)

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Keep going girl ! I'm looking too !!