Waitiing For God's Best..

Waiting is hard. It's something that most of us would not want to do. Because we want things,instantly.We are always in HURRY.From foods, clothes, our lifestyle and worst even our lovelife..And, sad to say, we end up with the wrong one..We invest so much that in the end it would just go to nothing and would just leave us miserable and broken...
Yes,maybe, part of me is afraid of getting hurt..that's why I'm not yet ready to commit..'coz at this age, I am not yet mature enough to handle a relationship..I'm still in the stage where self-discovery is in its peak..where lots of great opportunities are coming..and I would not be able to grab it all if there's someone who share in my time and attention..It's not being self-absorbed..but it's being the best that I can be as a person..so that,i'd be confident and i can share it to that special someone..and he'd be proud of me..=)
I don't know when he'd be coming..but i'll be waiting patiently..'coz i know that in God's perfect time we would meet..in the most memorable place..in the most unexpected way..=)

hanibi06 hanibi06
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2007

same here honey <br />
but one day i hope we find a guy who will treat us well, respect us and apperciate all we can be<br />
gud luck :)