21 and Single

I am now 21 years old and I've never had a boyfriend, or even been close to having one. I've never kissed a guy, I've never been on a date. I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I really do wish something would change.
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Oh don't worry about it. Now when you do have one it will be really special because you waited.

I feel it's not the right time. Don't worry someone will surely come along when it's the right time :) Just be patient and then keep waiting for your prince charming to come. BUT at the same time be a lil more cautious, guys these days can be so witty. Try to know him first before starting any physical intimacy :)<br />
Take care and good luck :)

I'm in the same boat, and it's not that I'm not attractive not to sound like a narcissist but I think I'm pretty, I'm in great shape, and I'm smart. I guess the type of guy I'm looking for just hasn't wandered into my life yet.... I really wish he'd hurry up though I feel like I'm missing out on something.

Hey i admire that you havent had one yet, I spent my teenage years being a total **** and having too many boyfriends and regret that.<br />
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If you dress nicely and radiate an interest in the world, they will show up automatically i am sure<br />
Best of luck to you

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I don't think you should worry about it...Someone will come at the right time for you! Just keep an open heart and mind, and enjoy your life. You don't have to go on a date to find a boyfriend, either. For example, my parents never dated each other; they were very close friends and just hung out a lot and got to know each other well.<br />
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I'm 24 and I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 21, mainly because I was too busy with college to think of much else. I also never went out on a date---I met my boyfriend when he worked with my stepdad. I really really liked him and wooed him like crazy. Now we've been together for almost 3 years. I love him and I'm glad he's my first boyfriend--I never wish I had dated earlier.

I hope we all find someone soon!

what kind of question is that? of course it's not. but the point of this site is to share our experiences. that's what i did here...

Question, is life only boyfriend?

To all of you who have never been kissed. The first thing that you need to realize is that you have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else or have anyone else to love you. I also am a very insecure person. Fortunately I am not alone, and have two beautiful children, but I am 33 years old, and had my first child at 25. I had a hard time with relationships and intimacy, and still do at times. I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years now, and he gets so mad because I don't like him to see me naked. I am overweight, and very self conscious. I am working on it, and trying to lose weight. I am starting to feel better about myself, and it has helped my relationship a lot. Please focus on loving yourself first, and carrying yourself like you love yourself, and the rest will fall into place for you. Best of luck to you all. You all seem really great, and deserve someone that will see that and treat you great.

me too.. physically insecure, but I had a flirt buddy when I was younger, we're both faithful to each other. hopefully I get luckier and able to have relationship next year.. (crossing fingers)

hey i'm almost 21 and in the same boat as you! personally i'm really physically insecure so i don't want a boyfriend now. once i feel better about how i look i might be more comfortable with the opposite sex. for now though i don't care too much about it. hopefully i can overcome my own personal problems and find someone soon. i feel like so alienated because i've never had one...

i'm exactly on the same boat as you are, the very same, it's like it's me telling those words to myself or something, 21, no boyfriend, no date, no nothing <br />
sure our lives will change some day, they can't stay the same forever (i hope)