It Is My Fault

The only person who I blame day and nights is me, I am quilty for not being into relathionship so far, even though I am 27 years old. In other words I am too serious about life and teached from childhood not to trust guys because they can make me feel down and sex is something dirty and the most dangerous thing in the world. Thanks to my dearest parents I afraid of any kind of intimacy and try to avoid it even if I really like the guy. The "awesome" society put me in frames of overall lonileness. where I can not to set free from. Look, I blame everything from myself to my parents, but in fact noone should be blamed. Noone is quilty. It is just my fate to die alone and never live the happiness of love and marriage. The other problem is I made up some kind of ideal imagination of guy who will be next to me. Maybe that kind of people never exist and I am too unlucky to meet him? Now I am really confused in all my life and feel that I am looser and live never smile to me. Please could you suggest me what to do?
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Let go of the incorrect teachings of your parents. Choose to be happy and happyness will multiply at that point.

So I also had experiences in my childhood that make me not want to marry --
I was even considering maybe turning lesbian and marry a woman instead of a man.

But I definitely do not think that you should be sad that you do not have a significant other at 27.

My parents married at 25, and they have been in an abusive relationship for as long as i can remember. I kinda wished they married a little later; maybe then they may have been able to find better partners for themselves.

So I don't think that age should matter in finding real love/partner.
Who knows? You may find someone perfect for you one day, and you may not want it any other way.

best of luck. !

It's never too late to change. If you talk to your Dr they can probably arrange counselling for you, or you could try another way. The thing is, relationships are crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing.

Blame doesnt help.Blaming yourself or your parents is making excuses and if you make excuses why you are like you are then you cant change...but you need to change your mindset so that your life can change, move forwards and become everything you want it to be.

You're still young. You'll meet him someday. :)