No Biggie, It'S Gonna Happen When It Happens!

Sure, guys have liked me, I just haven't found the right one. Sure, I've been friend zoned, rejected, a reject-er, fooled, hurt, really loved, admired, disliked, ignored, manipulated, flirted with, touched... the whole lot! Sure, I'm not a virgin and am unashamed... I am for sure never going to see him again after this semester and it's the most real thing I've ever experienced. Why should I restrain myself? Does that make me a worse/better person? No. Why? Because right now... I just want to go to Med-School and a couple of dudes would be nice in my life, but damn do I NOT have time for a relationship.
thenobleysilentgoat thenobleysilentgoat
18-21, F
Jan 29, 2013