Almost 21 and still never been in a relationship. Sometimes I don't mind, sometimes I wish I could figure out what's wrong with me. Depends on the day I suppose. I just wanna find someone
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maybe you have been looking in all the wrong places...and now that you have found BDSM your life will change

I know how you feel ive never had a girlfriend and I am 21 too

Find yourself first sweetheart

I suspect a great number of people on here can greatly empathise with you - but things will work out, in the end :) They almost always :) And I say that as a 35 year old who is single again - so I can't promise you it'll work out today, or tomorrow :) The right person will come along, probably when you least expect it - just don't get too downhearted, and enjoy life anyway - that's what I'm trying to do :) And with luck, you'll find what you want sooner, rather than later :)

Know the feeling.. just spoke to someone else on here about the same thing. Maybe it's lonely people's day here or something.. hmmm.. i feel at home. lol.
in the spirit of staying positive, i'm going to give you a generic 'hang in there'.. but in all sincerity, i assure you.. happy days are to come.. :) they just have to..