Starting To Care

I'm 16, turning 17 very soon and I have never had a boyfriend. People have been surprised asking me, "You're 16 and have never been kissed?" Before it never really bothered me. I was more focused on school, friends and things I love to do, but lately I'm starting to worry and I hate that. I wanted to wait until university, or after university until I start dating, but with all the things people my age tell me, and seeing friends with their bfs and the fact that I'm doing nothing on Valentines Day is really starting to get to me. I always imagined how great it would be to share my life with someone else. I've always just felt ugly and self conscious and wonder if any boy would ever date me at all. So I guess, I do want to kind of start dating, but I don't want to want to. Its just so confusing, I hate being a teenager.

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6 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Ur not alone Carol, i havent even been kissed! But im not going to let it get to me, i have social anxiety and all that. A lot of us do...and you're not ugly!! You are very pretty and anyone would be verrryy lucky to have a sweetheart like you! (((((:

You take care. I am more worried than ever turning 20 soon without a kiss or a date. My sister tells me not to worry. Her friends didn't have a boy friend until well into college. It's not as unusual as you think. <br />
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I believe we just hear more about people dating, because they like to brag and people that don't date don't want to draw attention to that. ;)

we are definitely in the same boat at the moment, about the same age too....I'm glad to hear i'm not the only one...I know its hard to walk through school and public places and see people holding hands, but keep the faith, the say good things come to those who wait... and hopefully when you are ready to start dating we will find someone great =] it's better to work on your own mental health before dating...that is what I'm trying to do.

Kiddo, I WAS you. Found career success long before my first kiss. I was 27 and horrified at the idea of being a 30 year old virgin. I lost weight and got fit -- not that it's necessary but it mattered to me -- and began dating. I have one caution for you: when it's your turn, keep control of yourself. Be smart about sex and self-esteem. Have the courage to demand history, blood test and safe sex precautions. I know that seems very forthright of me, but when I was finally ready, I wasn't prepared. I was very, very lucky. YOU take your time and be smart.

I know I can relate I have been through the same thing and I have been in relationships before even though none of them have gone well I have had a boyfriend and I thought I would never get one but I did of course I do not now but anyway you will find someone dear it just takes time and if you would ever like to talk about it or anything then you may always write me whenever you would like and I will always be here.=)<br />
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Best Wishes<br />
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Ive never had a boyfriend before either. Im so used to not having one that I dont know what to do if I did have one, so I just choose to remain single.