I Feel So Abnormal Because I'm 21 And I've Never Had A Boyfriend

Not only that, I've never gone out on a date, kissed, flirted, held hands, or even befriended a guy. It didn't upset me until I started college.

There's obviously something that guys find repulsive about me (whether it's my looks or personality), because guys wont be my friend or even talk to me. I try to tell my girl friends about this and it seems like they think I shouldn't want to have a boyfriend. I think it's unfair that they think that because they too have wanted boyfriends at some point. Why do people in relationships tell single people that they are better off being single? If they really believed that, why are they still in a relationship? Doesn't everyone want love?

I notice men as old as my dad checking me out (mind you I don't even look 21, most people think I look 13-15 years old), but guys my age never even look in my direction. The sad thing is that I'm around guys my age all day and they don't notice me or acknowledge my presence.

I noticed something else about guys my age. They don't look me in the eyes at all. Maybe it's because they don't want me to think they are interested. They might be intimidated by me but I doubt it.

I would really like to have a boyfriend but I dont think that is going to happen anytime soon.

Hydronica Hydronica
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Are you still looking for a bf?

dam your fine as hell sexy and beautiful. xoxoxoxoxoxox I will all u want and then some xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Are you still looking for a bf?

id give you a chance :) take you on a nice date maybe go star gazing late at night and curl up in a blanket

Maybe guys are interested in you but they hide it, loooots of people do that. Maybe they don't look you in the eyes because they find you too attractive

where r u from?

i just turned 21, and i totally understand.. im bi, and ive kissed more chicks than guys.. i was lead on by a guy for like 3 or 4 months... and i can totally relate.. i have guy friends but im just 1 of the guys to them...

but yeah never had a boyfriend or girlfriend..

well you will find one really soon dea dont be desprete .. be a girl who is happy to be single and then guys will want you ..i am a guy so i am telling you .. when you start ignoring guys then guys will come after you ..

Wow, we really do sound similar! I think it's really interesting how you talk about your friends' reactions. I had exactly the same reaction. "I know you're already really studious, but we're in college to work, not have a boyfriend." "You don't need a boyfriend to be happy, you know." (Which I disagree with, honestly. Not because a girl is nothing without a guy, but because we've *evolved* to need the other sex (or of which ever sex you're attracted to.)) And honestly, I really want a boyfriend for a confidant. Not that I really know, but it seems to me that you can't confide the same way in a friend as with a good boy friend. I was really sad when my friends dismissed my feelings like that. I know they were trying to make me feel better, but it made me feel worse.<br />
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As much as you probably don't want to hear this, *do* take heart in the fact that you notice men of any age looking at you. I agree with the other comments -it must mean you are really beautiful. <br />
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For what it's worth, my only suggestion would be to maybe join a club where you would come into contact with more guys. The more you meet, surely you'll increase your chances of at least becoming friends with one of them.<br />
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I hope you find a worthy someone soon!

I have never had a boyfriend and quite frankly am not interested in that either. But, in all fairness and honesty i am lesbian and have heard it all about guys from my straight and bi g/fs which leads me to think "thank God I am not involved with guysand mind you I am now 32.

Don't worrry. It'll probably happen to you. The only time I can get guy's attention is if I dress like a ****. And that hasn't gotten me far. Guys are just unsatisying, claiming they respect you when they treat you like dirt and leave you for "the next hot thing". It sucks.