Never Understand The Big Deal About Having One....

I'm 22 years old and I'm single- happy and content to be single. I've never dated though have had friends of the opposite sex.

Honestly, I still can't understand the big deal aout having a boyfriend or being in a relationship. I never believed in doing something because everybody else does it. I believe in true love and companionship but am willing to wait till I encounter the right individual with whom I can relate intellectually.

I have many friends who've had strings of boyfriends, break ups and those typical girlie lows- which I so detest! I dislike it for its lack of depth....and I feel if by waiting till I get a better exposure of the world, meet some goals which I've set for myself, I'll be a better and wiser person in a relationship for the future....there's no point in rushing into anything.....

And I'd also say to all those who're a part of this group and feel miserable or sorry about being single- it's not bad at all! We've got our independence and space! Let's enjoy it before we meet somebody with whom we've to share this!

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Even though you wrote this a long time ago I just want to say you made my day! I'm 21 and came on here to read sob stories by girls my age who've never had a boyfriend -- because that's how I feel. I never thought I'd find a story by someone who is happy to be single! It made me smile and reminded me that I also believe in "true love"... or at least I used to. But throughout high school I was very awkward and I people would ask me incredulously -- "You've really never had a boyfriend?" Even adults would ask me this, and it made me feel terrible. Eventually I started to want a boyfriend just because of the peer pressure. There was one boy I thought I was in love with, even though we hardly talked. Needless to say I probably wasn't attractive enough for him and had zero confidence, so here I am in college and still no boyfriend. Now it's like an obsession for me -- I have to have one! I'm kind of disappointed with myself for abandoning the "true love" ideal just because of some stupid people. I even envy women in more conservative cultures who are not pressured into dating from the time they turn 12. I can't stand that I waste so much time pining after a boyfriend when I could be doing something more productive.
Anyway my point was that your post inspired me to try and change my mindset -- rather than trying to improve myself in order to attract a guy, I'm going to try and focus on myself more. Do what I need and want to do, and if my true love -- or something like it -- comes along, sees me doing my thing and decides he likes me, then great. : )