Eight Months Isn't Much Time

When I was born my father was 63 and my mother was 41.  This was in 1958 and the average lifespan of a retired policeman that enjoyed eggs and bacon and smoked two packs of Camels a day was not very long.  My father died at age 64 when I was 8 months old.  He had been married to my mom about 5 years.  His first wife died 5 years before he met my mom.  His three sons from that marriage were all around my mother's age and nobody wanted anything to do with her or me.  So that was my life growing up with no male influence.  It was no picnic for mom either who was too busy with me and my sister and her job to meet a man. 
So with nothing to go on or experiences to guide me I tried my darndest to be a good father to my kids and make them value family and friendships. 

jgrantoldfart jgrantoldfart
51-55, M
Sep 8, 2010