Dinner With Parents.

Being Asia having a meal especially dinner is one of the most important thing of the day. Yet as my father and mother pass away i relised that from young i have never had dinner with them togather before. That kind of made me to think how is it like. The only reason i can think of right now is that i remember my mum telling my dad if he want to continue to taking opium she would never talk to him ever. I believe that was when i was only 8 year old. My father was a fisherman and during those days most fishermen do opium. I even remember following him to a sea side hut where he had his kick off with the opium pipe. I love both of them and i believe each has its own reason. Today whenever i see kids having dinner with their parents it will always reminds me of how would it have been for me if i ever had that dinner with my parents. I can only guess it must be a wonderful feeling of love and joy.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

I loved this story. Sometimes we become aware of experiences we wished we had had and sense that lack in our lives. Ours is a family that always has dinner together. It is sacrosanct, a time to be together, to talk about frustrations from the day, or hope and expectations for the day ahead. You have touched on something so ordinary yet so rich in meaning and value.