I have never had a kiss in my life and I have never even been on a date when I think about. I guess im not attractive. Sometimes it really bothers me other times I don't know just content but at the same time alone and just borrowing deeper into myself.

Natemares Natemares
31-35, M
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It might not be that you're not attractive or a bad person or anything...for some people it just doesn't happen until later in life. My first kiss was pretty random and totally situational, and I could've stopped it from happening if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to get it out of the way. Don't let it bother you too much! When it finally happens you'll realize it wasn't worth fretting over :)

I have to understand that frostbitten1997 didn't get his until he was 29. I always have to keep in mind. But I need some advice to go with, so I can get mines. I am scared I am going to go completely insane. What kind of advice do you have?

Hello Natemares,<br />
Just look up some how to kiss videos, you will find them easily.<br />
Then read some "how to get girls" books (you can find them easily now on the net. <br />
I did this and got a girl within 6 months. <br />
But also just do a search on the keyword "nomarriage" just to know the dangers of getting a woman and marrying her (this is a wrong kind of woman).<br />
Because this can ruin your life like mine is now ( yes the woman i kissed is now my wife and she tries to kill me).

Dont worry too much,i didnt have my first kiss till i was 29,yours will come one day