I'm Young, And Yet...

i wonder why i never had a girlfriend, i mean, everybody seem to be on a relationship except me... am i ugly? or may be i have disgusting habits? or fate jokes with me?.

this is my situation, i'm still in college, for the past three and a half years i was shy, i never talk to nanybody and girls considered me creapy.

then i met a girl tha became my friend a she make me change( to be honest i was depressed and she aid me to rise)
now i am a cool guy( according to my friends) i talk to anybody and show a funny actitude ( the fact is that all my friends are girls) i give advices and show a huge confidence about myself, i also act on a matture way when it comes to serious stuff.

even after that huge change, i am SINGLE.

a friend ( well... i have few guy friends) once told me "you are alone because girls saw you as a brother or they think you are gay dude"
my girl friends know i'm not gay, in fact they keep telling me i'll be a good boyfriend, is this a way to tell me somthing, or they are trying to cheer me up?

i know i'm young and study is the must immportant but is hard to see how your mate are on serious relations and you not.

and what make it interesting, girls who have come to me with romantic purposes often are not as attractive as i would like it sounds hollow but i'm not going to pick up any girl, the girl i want must like me both of her character and phisic (damn i'm hollow)

so please tell me this is only a little scar of my depression and is not fate.

sorry for bad English
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It happens dude I'm 27 and I never had a girlfriend either. Maybe someday you will find a girlfriend but I'm having the same problems too bro

How old are you? Your story very veryy same to me...

I was the kid that was picked on by everybody and was known as the "outcast" when i was in school. It sucked, no girl wanted me and i didn't have much friends.

TODAY...! I have a lot of friends and some of them are cute girls!
If you act funny around guys that's good. With girls... you should be 50% funny and 50% sexy. What is your friendship like with the girls your friends with now? Do u ever have fun hanging out with them? Do u ever joke in a dirty way with them? (as in do you ever talk perverted like, not phisicaly) If you explain those things i just asked you i could give you some great advice that helped me.

... 50% sexy? is not a hunt you know, i have act on a funny way with girls, and they laugh and that stuff, but as my friend told me: they consider me a brother.

that's the matter

What i mean by sexy is be flirty. I learned that lots of girls weather your good looking or not like confidence. Like I said, I was the outcast in school. One of my female friends is on the dance team and she has a lot of guys asking her out. I flirted with her and now shes always crazy happy to see me. I'm very liked by girls now and they hit on me too. What i'm saying is when your being "funny". Flirt with them as well. That will make them not see you as a brother and a lot of girls fined a confident guy very sexy. I would have to explain more for it to make a little more sence.

so it's true, girls said that they want a knight in blue armor a true gentleman and blah blah... but they want a balance within been a jerk and been a gentleman.

you are right, however i will remain like that for a while.

remember, if a girl truly loves you, she will love you for what you are, to be honest. i don't want an harem, i just want a girl that loves me.

still, thank you for the advice, it really help

No problem man. If you need anymore help u can talk to me about it if you want.

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